Sonic and Shadow Vs Pokemon

Sonic and Shadow are not Pokemon characters. But they are both superheroes with powerful strength and styles. This is a game wherein your job is to beat a Pokemon using different superheroes. Both Sonic and Shadow have the quickness and the ability to move faster than the blink of an eye. Their powers are strong. Sonic has the sonic blast and Shadow has the shadow cut. Both are equal when it come strength - and this game will put that to the test.

On the Sonic and Shadow vs Pokemon game, you can pick how the fight will end. You can choose which character will give you the finale bout. Your options are Sonic, Shadow, Pikachu, Mario, and Mega Man. Each of them has their own style of finishing up your opponent. As the game starts, good matches are created. Just finish it up with a good finale for maximum enjoyment.

This game is fun because of the match up between Pokemons and other superheroes. Pokemon characters have their own fighting techniques. The game is for those kids who are tired of the usual fight match between the good and the bad Pokemons. You might be amazed as to how Mario will do his finale. How can he beat a Pokemon that has so much strength and power? Play the Sonic and Shadow vs Pokemon game to find out!