Who's That Pokemon Game

Refresh your memory about the 251 Pokemon characters in existence. To win in the Whos That Pokemon game, you must have the ability to remember all the Pokemons characteristics and names. Remember the good and bad Pokemon, the sleepy ones, the huge and bulky types, the flying Pokemon, the insects, and everything else on the list. At first, the game is very simple. But you have to be more careful in the succeeding levels.

There are three levels in the Whos That Pokemon game. First is the novice level, where the characters are very easy to recognize. The second is the good trainer level where the characters are on their different hiding positions. The third is the master trainer level. This level is the combination of all the levels. The characters here are coming out in silhouette image.

The Whos That Pokemon game screen is divided into three parts. The first division is where the character silhouette would appear. The second division is where the choices are listed. The third division is where Pikachu and Bulbasaur are talking. If you know all of the Pokemon, you might find the game boring. But, it gets a little bit exciting in the later part because the Pokemon are not seen as clearly like before. And Bulbasaur will distract you on your guess. The Whos That Pokemon game is fun and very recommended to be played with your friends.

Run around shooting enemies before you run into them or they hit you!

Move: Left/Right
Jump: Space